a few songs that I can’t believe I like as much as I do—

1: Oppa Gangnam Style. Okay, so I hopped onto the bandwagon way late on this one. I heard this song for the first time ever on Saturday and now I’m in love! The video is…interesting.

2: Live While We’re Young, One Direction. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME. When One Direction had taken over tumblr in summer, I was like “wtf is this weak shit I’m never going to listen to them or like them” and now I do and it’s just :’(

3: Pound The Alarm, Nicki Minaj. The first time I heard this song, I thought it was weird and annoying, but now I can listen to it on repeat over and over again! Also, I am so excited for my costume. 

In slightly unrelated news, I went to the rec center on campus for the first time ever today, and holy fishsticks Batman, I love it! I have no idea why I haven’t gone until now! It. Is. Amazing. Now that I know, I’m definitely going to make it a point to go a few times a week. It mixes up my usual running workout very nicely.

…I tripped and fell flat on my face while I was running yesterday. Literally. Flat on my face. Luckily, I didn’t bump my head, but I scraped both my knees and my elbow pretty bad. They still sting. Now I feel wary about going running again. 

this is a little late, but…

The Navratri Garba on Friday night was incredible. I probably forgot to mention in here that I joined the Indian Students Association at the beginning of this semester, and this was our first event of the year. We’ve been planning it since early September, and it turned out so well! Attendance was way higher than we expected, the music was great, and everybody had a fantastic time. Basically, it was a huge Bollywood dance party, and one of the most fun things about it was the fact that everybody dressed up in authentic Indian clothes and looked great. :) I wore this hot pink salwar, but altered it so that it’s way more fitted than the traditional version. It was the first time I’ve worn makeup in like a year, so it was fun to go all out, since I actually love doing makeup, but won’t do it just to go to class.

Joining this club is one of the best things I’ve done since starting college. I’ve met so many new people, and I like all of them (this is rare, since I only usually like 2 in 3 out of the people I meet). They’re all very friendly and just so much fun to be around, and it’s also exciting to get together and plan campus events and group socials. Now that the garba is done, we have to get right on planning our Diwali event, since we’re celebrating it on November 17. We’re thinking of something along the lines of glow-in-the-dark-themed bhangra rave. It should be really exciting. We’re also thinking of doing a bhangra/Bollywood night at one of the local clubs.

The garba this Friday was literally the first time I have danced since high school senior prom! For over two years, I only thought of music in relation to working out, so I forgot how much fun dancing is. So I’m really hoping the club night works out, because I’ve never been to a club before. 

Midterms are over, the ISA’s first event was a success, Halloween is coming up (and Matt’s birthday dinner at one of the most delicious restaraunts in Tucson!), and so overall, I’m a happy camper. And of course, November is the best month, and it’s right around the corner. :)

the question of my life this semester

what is sleep?

To all my friends in Tucson—

Go to Lindy’s on 4th Ave, it has the best burgers I have ever eaten in my life. The menu is just like Jesus in the form of menu, by which I mean that there are so many delicious and unique burgers to choose from. I had the Ninja burger, which is the beef/tomato/lettuce with wasabi and roasted pineapple, and it was so good! My friend had the Western Belt Buckle, which is the burger with barbecue sauce, onion rings, and bacon, and oh god I took a bite and almost died. Next time you’re having a burger craving, just wander on over there.

We also stopped by the Chocolate Iguana afterward, which is this little bakery/candy store, and all their pastries are fresh made every morning. They have like ten different kinds of scones, and they all look incredibly good. We couldn’t get anything, because we were in a state of food coma, but I definitely want to head over there for breakfast one day, especially since they closed the Cereal Box. :(

nonparadigm replied to your post: D:
Can you also rap everything instead of talking normally?

I totally should. I’ve listened to her music so much that I practically have all her lyrics memorized anyway. :D


Oh god, more than halfway done with October, and I have no progress on my Halloween costume done yet.

At this point, I have given up on being Cleopatra, as I have not been able to find a suitable long white dress at any of the thrift stores that I have been perusing. At this point, it is also too late for me to make a dress, considering the fact that I am already busy altering my outfit for the Indian Students Association Navratri Garba that’s going down this Friday. :( 

Damn it. I had my heart set on being Cleopatra too. Now I am forced to resort to Plan B: Nicki Minaj. I figured I’d just wear a party dress, carry a fake microphone, and do my makeup in a crazy and ridiculous fashion. And wear a pink wig, of course. Now I just need to get my lazy ass over to the costume store so I can actually buy myself the pink wig. 

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one of the best feelings—

Studying so fucking hard for a midterm, for hours and hours and hours - but when you’re in class, taking the test, you don’t understand most of the questions. They’re so oddly worded that you wonder if your professor was actually high on cocaine while writing the exam. You’re like, where the hell was this even in the readings? as you look at the first four pages of the exam. Leaving the test, you feel sure that you didn’t do great. C level, probably. You’re irritated that your hours of study didn’t pay off. 

But then they post the grades, and you find out you got a 100% on the test. That’s right. Not just an A. 100 fucking percent. Then you just sit back for a while and bask in your swag. 

For a long time, my perspective on grades was like, blergh, all I need is a 3.0, or straight B’s, whatevs. But when I saw my advisor a couple of weeks ago, she pointed at my current GPA - 3.668 - and told me that I have a very good chance of graduating magna cum laude in May. And if I tried really hard to crank out as many A’s as possible this semester and the next, I could even graduate summa cum laude. Apparently that goes on your diploma and transcripts and indicates that you possess major swag.

I was like, I’m doing it. I’m going to shoot for one of those two. So I’m really making an effort to take my classes more seriously this semester and aim for getting A’s rather than being okay with B’s. 


It’s National Disabilities Awareness Month! We have a special episode of Sesame Street airing tomorrow featuring Brandeis, who is learning to be a service dog for people of differing abilities. Tune in tomorrow to meet him!

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This is just too damn beautiful to be just a commercial.

This is so beautiful, and powerful. Expedia commercials have never really won me over, but I feel they tried with this one so much. And it’s the most wonderful commercial I’ve seen. I just want to applaud them forever. 

Actually. Crying. So. Much.

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A couple of months before I have to apply to grad school, just when I thought I had everything figured out, I totally and completely changed my mind about what I want to do with my life. Again. Oops.

I was so sure that counseling and mental health/rehabilitation counseling was what I wanted to do with my life. But everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked when I took this class on visual impairment and blindness/deafblindness. I absolutely love it. Now I’m thinking that I want to go to grad school to become an orientation and mobility specialist - otherwise known as the people who teach people with visual impairments/blindness/deafblindness how to travel safely, confidently, and independently around their home and community, using the white cane, the seeing eye dog, or other techniques. I started doing research about O&M and it was like falling in love. I know this is what I truly want to do, and what my calling in life is, and I’m really excited for it.  

Until this year, there was an O&M grad program at U of A, the only one in the state. Unfortunately, because of budget cuts, they’re not offering the program in Fall 2013, which is the year I would start grad school. I’m looking into online grad programs for O&M (the three I’m leaning towards at the moment are University of Colorado, University of Arkansas, and Cal State LA), because that would give me more flexibility to work while I go to school, and my learning style is much better suited for online, self-guided instruction vs. traditional lecture delivery.

So right now, the plan for the future that I’m working with is—

- Get into one of the O&M grad programs

- Try and get a real job, as opposed to a student job, at the Disability Resource Center on campus after graduation and keep working there until I finish the program

and once I finish with my graduate degree in O&M, I want to leave the country and work abroad for a few years. I’ve had this itch to get out for a long while now, and I think I can finally make it happen after I finish grad school. My uncle runs a really good school for the blind in India. I would also like to work in Dubai and a couple of places in Europe. London for sure, I’ve always wanted to spend some time there. I would also like to work in the Netherlands and Italy, but we’ll see. :) Ugh, I just wish it was May and I was getting ready to graduate already. So done with the whole undergraduate thing, to be honest. 

Things I want to tell people, that I wish people had told me:



  • You don’t have to achieve great things by the time you’re 25
  • You have intrinsic value above and beyond your perceived utility to other people and society at large. 
  • You don’t have to have sex, or have sex in any way that you find uncomfortable or unpleasant, to keep anyone’s love or good opinion of you. They didn’t love you or think very well of you to start with if they demand it. 
  • You don’t have to stay with someone who isn’t meeting your emotional or sexual needs because they need you, or you’ve been with them for awhile, or you need to be in a relationship. You need you. Your time is your own and it is finite. 
  • It’s ok to work at a job you enjoy that doesn’t make you miserable even if it’s not a career and it won’t “lead to anything.” 
  • Your life is not a narrative. It is not leading to anything, there is no overarching thesis, it does not have themes beyond the usual shared cultural experiences of your time and place. This is ok. It does not mean that your life is without purpose or meaning. 
  • It’s ok not to like or get along with the vast majority of people you encounter, so long as you afford them the same respect, courtesy and dignity that they afford you. 
  • Expensive is not always better. 
  • Failure is temporary if you’re still alive. 
  • People are both much better and much worse than you’d suspect, but usually not all at once. 
  • Stop thinking of your future self as a different person and it will be easier to prevent money and health problems. 
  • Let people help you, lean on them when you need to, and be available to help, but don’t swing too far in either direction. Try to carry your half of the life basket as evenly as you can. 
  • Set boundaries, and do not be afraid to kick people out of your life who disregard them. You will not end up alone and unloved. People who love you will be ok with your boundaries. 
  • Your power does not come from money or beauty, but from seeing life steadily and wholly, from a curious and thoughtful mind, and from your ability to say no when you want to, and yes when you want to, and I don’t know when you don’t know. 
  • There will be bad times, maybe lots of bad times, but not only bad times. 
  • Love will not heal the wounds in your soul, but love can give you the impetus to begin the work of healing yourself. 
  • Life might be a long series of starting over, and that’s alright. 
  • You’re really cool, you’re really beautiful, you’re really special. Really. Not to everyone, but to a lot of someones sometimes. 

Very very thought-provoking

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The most metal creature alive.






The most metal creature alive.


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Hello, ladies and gentlemen! I know I’ve been absent from the fantastic and exciting world of tumblr for a fairly long time. It was a purposeful choice to help me with time management, because this semester has been nightmarishly, hellishly busy. But now that it’s halfway over, I feel like I finally have my shit together, so I’m back. :)

Today’s bit of random news: I ordered a digital camera on Amazon a few days ago. It’s a Canon PowerShot, and it’s small and bright blue! I’m excited because I’ve never had a digital camera before, and the one that my parents have is old and shitty. (Like seriously, they bought it in 2003). I can’t wait to have it accompany me on travel adventures, and of course, to help me make 10,000,000 albums all featuring my super cute doggy! 

Oh, also, I registered to vote last week. I have to be able to tell my hypothetical future children that I voted for Barack Obama, after all, and since I was too young to vote during the last presidential election, this is my only shot to do it. I’m hoping that the debate this Wednesday (or Thursday? not sure which) is more exciting than the last one! I want to see feisty Obama!